Energy Audits in Raleigh, NC

What is YOUR Dynamic Efficiency?

Why spend money for an industrial energy audit when the intent is to save money? The point is that getting a compressed air energy audit at your Raleigh industrial facility can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs starting now. Energy costs are rising and cost savings add up where it counts most: The bottom line. Want your company to be more competitive? Want to offer lower prices and still profit? Get a compressed energy audit Raleigh and find out where and how you can become energy efficient.

Lewis Systems’ compressed air energy audit is more than just a walk-thru of your existing operations. Lewis Systems measures and tests to collect usable data! By measuring flow (SCFM), power (kW), and pressure (PSI), Lewis Systems’ compressed air energy audit can determine your dynamic efficiency to present an accurate profile with recommended cost saving options that will improve your energy efficiency. How can your Raleigh business benefit from a compressed air energy audit? Lewis Systems can assist you in:

  • Finding and stopping leaks;
  • Reducing unnecessary pressure;
  • Setting the correct air pressure, making supply meet demand;
  • Replacing “T” connections: Less turbulence means less pressure loss;
  • Replacing old, corroded or wrong-sized pipes;
  • Removing restrictions such as clogged filters, unused equipment;
  • Evaluating storage: Air receiver & compressed air piping;
  • Regulating air use: Compressed air costs more than electricity;
  • Verifying the correct pump for the job (air vs electric); and
  • Ensuring proper maintenance.

What are you waiting for? Call or contact Lewis Systems now for an industrial energy audit Raleigh, NC to find out how your Raleigh company can be more energy efficient.

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Energy Audits in Raleigh, NC

“A properly configured system should maintain target dynamic efficiency regardless of production rate.”

Compressed Air Management System: ESP 20/20 Master Controller

  • Energy Audits in Raleigh, NCManages up to 10 compressors
  • Efficiently adds and deletes compressors
  • Controls each compressor in the load/no load mode
  • Will rotate like size compressors to equalize wear

Our master controller is adaptable with any make and model air compressor. We can control Reciprocating, Rotary Screw and Centrifugal compressors.

Air Receiver

air-receiverWhen properly sized and positioned, air receivers can drastically improve system performance.

  • Will handle instantaneous system events or compressor failures
  • Prevents rapid cycling of trim compressors
  • Acts as a cushion during high surge times
  • Protection against low plant pressure.

Client Testimonial

I want to take this opportunity to thank Lewis Systems & Service for assisting me in a successful Six Sigma Green Belt 2009 project. Special thanks for the knowledge and expertise shared with the Facility Maintenance Team at Hollister Incorporated.

My project consisted of reducing the utility cost by 3% overall and with the assistance of Lewis Systems, we were able to surpass this goal and reduced the utility cost by 4.81%. Establishing a base/trim configuration on the air compressor system allowed us to reduce the number of compressors needed to meet production demands without compromising capacity.

I look forward to many more years of successful collaboration with Lewis Systems & Service and again thank you.

Thomas G. Quick
Facility Engineering/Team Lead
Hollister Incorporated

Remote Monitoring

Remote-Monitor-Display Join the smart services revolution with cutting edge wireless technology.

What’s the best way to assure that your air compressors are being taken care of? The answer is, let Lewis Systems monitor them. Through Gardner Denver’s state of the art wireless technology, we can assure your compressors are properly maintained and serviced.

This will avoid unnecessary downtime by:

  • Resolving small problems before they become big ones
  • Immediate notification of advisories and alarms
  • 24/7 remote visibility of the compressor
  • Troubleshoot prior to site visit
  • Reduce response time
  • Manage maintenance scheduling

Wireless Advantages:

  • Eliminates time and expense of running CAT5
  • Eliminate IP configuration and network setup
  • Totally isolated from the IP network
  • No application software to load or maintain