Remote Monitoring & Expert Maintenance Support

TotalCare Connect is a remote monitoring system that provides real-time data on your compressed air system on any device. Continuous monitoring allows TotalCare Connect to quickly alert both you and our team to compressor issues before they occur. This allows our service team to identify the root cause of issues quickly and get you back up and running with minimal downtime. Together, we can build a continuous commissioning program that will deliver cost-saving solutions and improved efficiency.

The Old 10 Step Repair Process

The New 4 Step Process with TotalCare Connect

Build a Solution in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Select a Monitoring Package

Monitoring Package Options

Our maintenance package options give you access to real-time insights and diagnostic information. With these packages, compressed air system alerts will be sent to you through email or though an online customer portal. These alerts offer knowledge for preventative maintenance, repair work, and an in-depth look at air system performance over time.

TCX Monitored Maintenance

TCX Monitored Maintenance is a comprehensive maintenance program that includes all preventative maintenance and any unexpected issues that occur with your compressed air system. This program includes a warranty on your compressors to give you peace of mind on uptime performance. Each compressor is monitored remotely and will provide service alerts, alarms, and common alerts. TCX and your team will have access to remote monitoring for real-time alerts and data acquisition.

TCX Optimize ​

Compressed air systems are one of the largest consumers in manufacturing and process industries. TCX Optimize uses AI-based algorithms to enhance air system optimization resulting in improved performance, increased reliability, reduced operating costs, and a minimized carbon foot print.

Step 2: Have TCX Edge Installed on Your Compressed Air System

TCX Edge Device | Base Technology

TCX Edge is a remote monitoring device that connects to your air system. Once installed along with the monitoring package of your choosing, you will gain visibility into the exact status of your system at any given time.


Step 3: Begin Monitoring Your Compressed Air System

Once TotalCare Connect is installed on your equipment, you can begin to monitor your system from anytime, anywhere, using any device.