Oil-Free Air Compressors

The use of oil-free air compressors is an absolute must for certain industries such as medical and pharmaceutical. They provide clean, contaminant free air which is critical for these industries. Oil-free air demands continue to grow as other industries recognize the economic and environmental benefits of utilizing oilless air compressors.

Lewis Systems & Service Co., Inc. represents the best in oilless compressed air. We provide Gardner Denver Oil-Free rotary screw and scroll compressors as well as the full line of Powerex Oil Free scroll and reciprocating compressors and Quantima two-stage, water-cooled, oil free variable speed compressors. Whether you are currently using an oilless air compressor or are considering a switch from an Oil-Flooded compressed air system,- we can help. Lewis Systems & Service Co., Inc. will ensure you get the most value out of your investment.

Oil-free air compressors can reduce operating costs by:


  • Eliminating the cost to collect and dispose of oil laden condensate
  • Eliminating the cost of replacing air/oil separator elements and downstream filtration required to remove oil aerosols
  • Eliminating oil contamination and costly replacement of desiccant in regenerative air dryers
  • Eliminate the potential for compressed air pipeline fires caused by oil carry-over
  • Eliminate the cost of ruined products, lost production and damaged reputation

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