Medical Gas Equipment Distributor in Virginia

Medical Gas Pipelines, Compressors, & More

Medical Gas Equipment Distributor in VirginiaFor medical gas equipment in Virginia, you want the best equipment for your money as well as the best in sales, service, and maintenance. Whether you need medical gas pipeline equipment, air compressors, or total medical air systems for your medical practice or health care facility, turn to Lewis Systems for the most dependable medical gas equipment in Virginia.

With brand name equipment like Amico and Powerex behind us, Lewis Systems can provide you with the most stable, long lasting medical gas equipment available. Let us help you configure a solution for your hospital, surgical center, or medical facility.

Amico source equipment NFPA-99 compliant systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Amico also has a complete line of medical gas pipeline products. From alarm panels and medical gas outlets to retrofit conversions, Lewis Systems and Amico have got you covered. Learn more about Amico products below:

  • Amico Alarm Valve Combo Unit
  • Amico Alert 3 LCD Alarm
  • Amico Compact Alarm System
  • Amico NFPA Compliant Dual Connect Wall Outlet

Powerex provides you with quiet, energy-efficient, and easy-to-maintain open or enclosed oil-less scroll systems. Powerex medical and instrument air systems are NFPA 99 compliant. Learn more about Powerex products below:

  • Powerex Medical Vacuum Package 7.5-10 HP with HMI/PBMI
  • Powerex Lubricated Vane Medical Vacuum System
  • Powerex Lubricated Vane Medical Vacuum Tankmount compressor
  • Powerex Medical Scroll Enclosure Duplex

… and so much more.

No matter what type of medical gas equipment you have, Lewis Systems & Service has ASSE 6040 Medical Gas System certified technicians available for inspection, testing, and maintenance of your medical gas equipment based on the 2012 edition of NFPA 99.

Whether you need parts, service, or an entire air system, contact us today for help with all of your medical gas equipment needs.