PD Blowers and Vacuum Pumps: Why Replace the Whole Package?

Keeping positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps well maintained by performing small repairs can extend the life of both pieces of equipment. But as they age and corrosion occurs from moisture inside the inlet and discharge silencers, both will eventually need to be replaced. When the time comes to replace a bare blower or vacuum pump, it’s smart to consider replacing the whole package.

Advantages to Replacing the Whole Package:

  • Energy efficiency: New packages are considerably more energy efficient and could help provide long-term cost savings for your operation.
  • Reduced noise: New packages are often quieter and can reduce pulsation issues.
  • Space savings: New smaller packages can accommodate sizing requirements that have changed since the original package was installed. They’re also easier to access for repairs.

As you evaluate your positive displacement blower and vacuum pump package needs, there are a few questions you should consider to make sure the replacement process goes smoothly.

Does the blower motor need to be replaced?

If your PD blower is showing signs of wear, how much longer do you really expect the drive motor to last? Replacing the motor before there is a serious issue can help avoid a costly breakdown.

What type of blower do you need?

New tri-lobe or helical screw blowers are more efficient than a bi-lobe blower. Upgrading your blower style can also reduce pulsation and noise.

Would you like new controllers or VFDs?

New packages can be fitted with all sorts of controllers, monitors and variable frequency drives.

Could you benefit from a new cabinet enclosure?

Upgrading or adding a cabinet enclosure could help reduce noise.

Is it time for new gauges and/or monitoring?

New packages offer intelligent monitoring solutions that can help you keep track of how your equipment is performing at all times.

Lewis Systems sells and services major PD blower and vacuum pump brands such as Gardner Denver, Powerex and Travaini. Our factory trained and certified technicians can work with you to determine the extent of your repair or replacement needs. Contact us at 800.222.4553 if you have questions or would like to discuss your equipment options.