Powerex: Advancing the Medical Pipeline and Source Equipment Industry

With medical gases currently being used for so many clinical applications in the healthcare industry, improving the reliability and efficiency of medical gas equipment is critical. A leak or failure can have serious health implications on the patients who need these products to function consistently. Powerex, “the leader in pure air technology,” is continually innovating to improve their medical gas pipeline, source equipment and associated components to better serve hospitals, healthcare facilities and patients.

OSHPD Seismic Certification

Powerex Manifolds, Enclosed Rotary Tooth with VFD (medical and laboratory) and Enclosed Scroll (5, 7.5 and 10 HP) systems are now OSHPD (Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development) certified. To receive the OSHPD certification, equipment must be tested and verified for structural integrity, instrumentation functionality and component performance during an earthquake. Powerex is the first medical gas system manufacturer to test and certify manifolds. Many of their other products are already seismic certified for structural integrity.

Redesigned Medical and Laboratory Systems

Powerex has updated their 2–5 HP Open Scroll Medical and Laboratory Systems to save space and allow for easy maintenance of their reliable, energy efficient equipment.

Major updates include:

  • Smallest footprint on the market: Up to 39% less than the leading competitor
  • All systems designed to fit through a 36″ door
  • Low maintenance and easily serviceable
  • Patented Service Slide
  • Basemount extends 20″ from the rack
  • Energy efficient technology

Quiet Oil-Free Enclosure Systems

Powerex’s trademarked Oil-Free Enclosure Systems offer the lowest noise levels in the industry. Each system is packaged in a rigid steel frame with powder coated panels and lined with sound-deadening insulation. The low noise levels and small footprint allow for convenient installation in healthcare facilities at the point of use.

Powerex Enclosed Claw Vacuum Systems

New Medical Claw Enclosed Systems

The industry-first Powerex Enclosed Claw Vacuum Systems also offer the lowest noise levels on the market, allowing flexibility for installation at the point of use. The claw pump design is extremely efficient, and because there is no contact between the rotors and the cylinder wall, maintenance and parts replacement costs are minimized.

Powerex MedTouch Series Alarms

New Digital Medical Gas Alarm Panels

With the introduction of MedTouch Series alarms, Powerex now offers the most comprehensive LCD touch screen panels on the market.

  • Text or email alarm notifications can be sent to multiple addresses
  • Customized emergency instructions can be set up to display for each alarm signal
  • Ethernet modules allow secure remote user access and interface abilities with building automation systems

Interested in Powerex Products?

Lewis Systems is a proud installer and servicer of Powerex medical products. Their advancements in medical equipment help us better serve healthcare providers and improve patient care in our area. For questions about Powerex or other medical air, gas or vacuum products, contact us at 800.222.4553.