Becker Oil-Flooded Vacuum Pumps

Becker Oil-Flooded Vacuum PumpsBecker Oil-Flooded Vacuum Pumps

Providing vacuum to 29.9 inHg (0.4 Torr), Becker’s compact, direct-drive, oil-flooded pumps combine reliability with industry-leading performance. These oil-flooded vane vacuum pumps are cool running, quiet and highly efficient. They are ideal for applications where high volumetric efficiency is needed throughout the operating range such as packaging, thermoforming and food processing.

  • Vacuum to 29.9 in Hg (0.4 Torr)
  • Quiet
  • Highly efficient
  • Compact
  • Direct Drive
  • Cool running
  • Multi-stage oil separation system – 99.9+% efficient

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