Benefits of Oil Free Air Compressors

oil free compressed air The use of oil free air compressors has become an absolute must for certain industries such as hospitals, labs, pharmaceutical companies and semiconductor manufacturers, but there is a growing number of other industrial manufacturers that are realizing the benefits of switching to oil-free air compressors.

Using oil free air compressors enables you to provide the highest quality air for your manufacturing needs. In doing so, you can dramatically reduce your operation’s negative environmental effects. Eliminate harmful emissions, conserve natural resources and get a clean, reliable, cost-efficient source of air supply. Along with the positive environmental impact, switching to oil free air compressors can have a significant impact on your cost of ownership.

Oil Free compressors can reduce operating costs by:

  • Eliminating the cost to collect and dispose of oil laden condensate
  • Eliminating the cost of replacing air/oil separator elements and downstream filtration required to remove oil aerosols
  • Eliminating oil contamination and costly replacement of desiccant in regenerative air dryers
  • Eliminate the potential for compressed air pipeline fires caused by oil carry-over
  • Eliminate the cost of ruined products, lost production and damaged reputation
  • Eliminate high energy cost

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