Aluminum Compressed Air Piping

Outperforms Steel & Galvanized Piping In Every Way

Aluminum piping is quickly becoming the top solution for compressed air and gas systems. Our Quick-Lock and Big-Lock piping systems are an all metal system including the fittings. Aluminum compressed air piping outperforms traditional steel and galvanized piping in every way.

  • Eliminate Air Leaks – Save Money
    • Our aluminum piping systems eliminate the causes of leaks found in the joints and connections of traditional steel and galvanized air distribution systems.

      Pipe Scale & Rust

  • Eliminate Contamination – Save Money
    • Black pipe is subject to corrosion and pipe scale which causes damage to downstream equipment and processes. The inherent non-fouling surface of our aluminum piping systems protect your plant and equipment.
  • Reduce Pressure Drop – Save Money
    • The smooth inner surface of our aluminum piping systems provide reduced frictional turbulence which results in a much lower pressure drop than conventional piping systems. This translates directly into lower power consumption and energy costs.
      aluminum compressed air piping

      New Connections

  • Reduce Downtime – Save Money
    • Modifications and additions with traditional steel or galvanized pipe are costly and time consuming. Our aluminum piping systems allow for easy changes and additions taking only a few minutes to add a drop or connect a new line.

Your compressed air piping has a direct impact on the air quality and system reliability in your plant.  Contact us to review your current piping or for help on new installations.

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