Energy Audit Charlotte, NC

How can an energy audit help your Charlotte, NC business? A compressed air energy audit can determine your dynamic efficiency by measuring flow (SCFM), power (kW), and pressure (PSI) to present an accurate profile. This is data that will reveal cost saving options that will improve your energy efficiency which can save you thousands of dollars in operating costs. Lewis Systems provides energy audits in Charlotte, NC in order to benefit your Charlotte business by:

  1. Finding and stopping leaks
  2. Reducing unnecessary pressure
  3. Setting the correct air pressure: Making supply meet demand
  4. Replacing “T” connections: Less turbulence = less pressure loss
  5. Replacing old, corroded or wrong-sized pipes
  6. Removing restrictions: Clogged filters, unused equipment
  7. Evaluating storage: Air receiver + compressed air piping
  8. Regulating air use: Air costs more than electricity
  9. Verifying the correct pump for the job (air vs electric)
  10. Ensuring proper maintenance.

Don’t just take our word for it: Read what Lewis Systems’ clients have to say about its energy audits:

“After the audit was complete, we were provided with a complete study showing all of the captured data along with recommendations for improvements. In the case of the test air system, one of the recommendations was to simply designate a smaller, existing air compressor as the primary unit and utilize another air compressor to automatically trim the load based on demand. This small change promised to save us approximately $10k per year in energy costs. The recommendation with the greatest money saving potential was to purchase and install a Gardner-Denver model VS80 variable speed rotary screw compressor. The variable speed machine adjusts its speed to the demand for air based on downstream system pressure. The projected energy savings was around $17k per year. After the machine was purchased and installed, a justification audit was performed: The actual savings was over $21k.”

“My project consisted of reducing the utility cost by 3% overall and with the assistance of Lewis Systems, we were able to surpass this goal and reduced the utility cost by 4.81%. Establishing a base/trim configuration on the air compressor system allowed us to reduce the number of compressors needed to meet production demands without compromising capacity.”

Call or contact Lewis Systems, Inc. for an energy audit in Charlotte, NC to find out if you can lower your Charlotte business operating costs.

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