Industrial Energy Audit Lynchburg VA

Considering an industrial air compressor energy audit in Lynchburg? You should, especially if your equipment runs on compressed air. How do you benefit from an industrial energy audit? Lewis Systems Inc. measures the flow (scfm), power (kW), and pressure (psi) on your equipment which presents an accurate profile that allows us to determine your Dynamic Efficiency. This data enables us to offer you cost saving options that will improve your energy efficiency and save thousands of dollars in operating costs. Lewis Systems’ industrial energy audit in Lynchburg is more than just a “walk through” of your industrial facility or perusing your utility bills.

How do you get more out of an industrial energy audit? Consider this:

  • Our Compressed Air Management System master controller is adaptable with any make and model air compressor and controls reciprocating, rotary screw and centrifugal compressors. The Compressed Air Management System manages up to 10 compressors, efficiently adds and deletes compressors, controls each compressor in either load or no load mode, and will rotate like-size compressors to equalize wear.
  • A properly configured system should maintain target dynamic efficiency regardless of production rate. Properly sized and positioned air receivers can drastically improve your system performance, handling instantaneous system events or compressor failures, prevent rapid cycling of trim compressor, act as a cushion during high surge times plus, protect against low plant pressure.
  • Using Gardner Denver’s wireless technology, Lewis Systems can remotely monitor your air compressors 24/7 to keep them properly serviced and maintained. Remote monitoring helps you avoid unnecessary downtime by resolving minor issues before they escalate, receive immediate notifications of advisories and alarms, troubleshoot issues remotely that may not require an on-site visit and manage maintenance scheduling. Better yet, Lewis System’s remote monitoring eliminates running CAT5, IP configuration and network setup plus, there is no software to load or maintain.

Get an air compressor audit and find out how your company will benefit by partnering with Lewis Systems, Inc. Call (434) 455-0361 or toll free at (877) 855-6830. Or, contact us by email now for an industrial energy audit in Lynchburg, VA. We’ll also help you in:

  • Finding and stopping leaks;
  • Reducing unnecessary pressure;
  • Setting the correct air pressure, making supply meet demand;
  • Replacing “T” connections: Less turbulence means less pressure loss;
  • Replacing old, corroded or wrong-sized pipes;
  • Removing restrictions such as clogged filters, unused equipment;
  • Evaluating storage: Air receiver & compressed air piping;
  • Regulating air use: Compressed air costs more than electricity;
  • Verifying the correct pump for the job (air vs electric); and
  • Ensuring proper maintenance.

What are you waiting for? Call or contact Lewis Systems now to find out how your Lynchburg company can be more energy efficient.

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