Gardner Denver RBS Blowers: Top 3 Design Advantages

Gardner Denver RBS positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps bring incredible value to the industrial PD market. These robust tri-lobe pumps have a multitude of design advantages. Here are your top three:

  1. Durability
    • Piston Ring Air Seals – ensure oil-free air and last longer
    • Dual Splash Lube – dissipates heat and reduces maintenance intervals
    • Reinforced Bearings – 100,000-hour lifespan
    • High Strength Shafts – allow for higher overhung loads and eliminate the need for jack shafts or pillow blocks
  2. Efficiency
    • Tri-Lobe Rotors – greater performance and efficiencies than bi-lobe blowers reducing operating costs
    • Cylinder and Support Ribs – cast directly into the cylinder reducing deflections under heavy loads
  3. Sound Levels
    • Tri-Lobe Rotors – solid rotor design offers quieter operation reducing enclosure requirements
    • Helical Gears – provide smooth and quiet operation at all speedsadvantages of blowers and vacuum pumps

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