The Benefits of Quick-Lock Aluminum Piping

The piping system used to deliver compressed air throughout your facility is very important. Its material, age and condition affect both reliability and air quality.

quick-lock aluminum piping benefits

Quick-lock aluminum piping is the world’s only totally metal push-connect piping system with many advantages over all current push-connect systems. It is the only push-connect system that fully complies with the ANSI B31.1 piping system code. No special tooling is needed to install the Quick-Lock system, and has electrostatic powder coating for all internal and external applications.

Piping made with iron will rust and corrode, creating buildup on the interior and reducing air flow capacity. This will also contribute to contamination and poor air quality for your downstream processes.

Quick-lock aluminum piping systems have some substantial advantages:

why choose quick-lock aluminum piping

  • They don’t rust or have scale buildup inside, eliminating contamination to avoid reduced efficiency due to pressure drops Much easier to modify than traditional black pipe
  • Substantially lighter than steel
  • Can handle a wide range of operating :.99 bar to 220 psi
  • Can handle a wide range of temperatures: 4 F to 176 F
  • Significant reduction in air leaks saves money in lost power
  • Safer than plastic and will not become brittle
  • never use PVC for compressed air
  • Pipes are color coded for easy identification: air is blue, vacuum is grey and inert gas is black
  • Versatile, tough and long-lasting metal fittings made of brass, plated with nickel
  • Wide range of sizes for varying air flow needs: 14mm to 63 mm
  • Advanced fittings eliminate the need for drilling into tubing
Remember: Plastic is for Toys. Don’t Settle- Choose Metal.

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